Grizzly Bear live at Sydney Opera House

Since releasing Shields in 2012, Grizzly Bear performed 115 shows and around the world. Last Sunday night it all came to an end when they played their last at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Now we look at an uncertain future because there are no plans yet for a ‘Shields’ followup. In an interview with the Guardian Ed Droste said: “This is definitely the last touring we’ll do for this album before we enter into the question mark of the future”. But let’s all stay optimistic and enjoy their last concert – a two hours show with 21 songs at the Sydney Opera house which you can stream below:

01. Speak in Rounds
02. Adelma
03. Sleeping Ute
04. Cheerleader
05. Lullabye
06. Little Brother
07. Yet Again
08. Shift
09. A Simple Answer
10. Foreground
11. Gun-Shy
12. Ready, Able
13. While You Wait for the Others
14. On a Neck, On a Spit
15. What’s Wrong
16. Two Weeks
17. Half Gate
18. Sun in Your Eyes

19. Knife
20. Colorado
21. All We Ask (Acoustic)

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